Absorbable vs Non-Absorbable

ABSORBABLE: Absorbable sutures are reabsorbed by the body by an enzymatic reaction (for natural sutures) or hydrolysis (for synthetic sutures). This material is ideal for deep structures or where suture removal is impractical.

NON-ABSORBABLE: Non-Absorbable sutures must be removed after a set-time point. They are advantageous, as they are not absorbed by inflammatory mediated reactions and are ideal for repairs under tension (such as tendon repair).

Monofilament vs Braided

MONOFILAMENT: Monofilament sutures consist of a single strand. They provide minimal drag and are better for infected areas (as there are no crevices where bacteria can reside)

BRAIDED: Braided Sutures consist of several fibers twisted or braided together. They are stronger and provided better knot security.